Knickerbocker Glory – £4.90
Fruit, assorted Ice-Cream, decorated with Sauce and Whipped Cream, Cherry & Wafer

Surprise Pancake – £4.90
Home-made Pancake filled with Barnaby’s home-made Ice-cream, topped with whipped Cream, Sauce & crushed Amaretto nut pieces

Pavlova – £4.90

Double layer of Meringue, topped with Whipped Cream and Raspberries

 Belgian Waffles £4.65

Served with maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream


Chocolate Brownies £4.65

Served with vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce and whipped cream


Chocolate Lumpy Bumpy £4.65

Moist chocolate sponge, rich flavoured chocolate mousse and lumpy bumpy cheesecake with chocolate ganache, topped with nuts, chocolate chunks and fudge


Mango Lime and Coconut Cheesecake £4.65

A biscuit base topped with a creamy coconut cheesecake swirled with a mango and lime sauce


Toffee Crunch Pie £4.65

Chocolate pastry case with sticky caramel and chocolate, sprinkled with honeycombed pieces – toffee flavoured mousse, topped with chewy butterscotch/chocolate pieces and sauce


Ice-Cream £1.60 per scoop

Vanilla, Chocolate, or Strawberry – served with wafer and sauce


Lightly Lemony £4.65

A luxury lemon sherbet on a crunchy digestive biscuit base topped with cheesecake mousse, rippled with lemon curd and topped with vanilla flavoured mousse, lemon curd and crunchy crumble

Please Note: Some of these Desserts are Freezer to Table.  Please see Allergen Manual for Allergen Data.